3 ways to seduce a French woman

Picking up girls is almost the same all over the world. However, there is a country where even your best pick-up lines will fall flat: France. The French women are highly sophisticated and difficult to impress. They do not care so much about looks, money or possessions, and trying to capture their interest with any of these will simply be a waste of time. Nevertheless, the gorgeous ladies from Paris have a few weak spots, and we are here to reveal them with these three ways to seduce a French woman:

Personal charm

France is well-known for its passion for culture. People there put a high price on works of art, refined goods, and cosmopolitan attitudes. If you want to seduce a French woman, you will have to show your sensitive side. An ideal date would have you wearing your best suit, being confident and discussing important matters. You need to prove that you have a substantial life experience and knowledge before passing on to a more romantic attitude.

Adventurous spirit

Most women like adventurous men. However, French girls have an irresistible attraction for guys that walk on the wild side. A man that can put his refined tastes aside and be a bad boy from time to time is bound to win the heart of a gorgeous lady from France. Therefore, if you want to make a lasting impression on your Paris escort, you should display a highly-confident attitude and the courage to go the extra mile to get what you want.

Interesting companionship

You can seduce a French woman with the tips presented above. However, you must remember to keep things fresh and exciting at all times. Do not bore her with things that she does not find attractive. Speaking for ten minutes about the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 will spoil all your hard work and conversations that you had in the previous two hours.

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