Where to watch a football match in France

French people love football. You will notice this aspect as soon as you step foot in any city or village from the country of the Franks. The kids play it in the street, the adults in small stadiums, while the elderly enjoy a live game on TV. If you are new in town, and you are desperate to see some UEFA Euro 2016 action you should try these places where you can watch a football match in France:

The local pub

The most common way of looking at a live football game in France is at the local pub. People of all ages gather here to support their favorite teams, and the atmosphere they create is fascinating. A single day of watching football in such a locale will change your perspective on this sport forever. The joy and fervor of the other viewers will give you an enthusiastic approach towards the most popular sport in the world that you will never lose.

The city center

One of the best ways to watch a football match in France is to be surrounded by a large group of supporters. If you cannot afford the entrance fee to a city stadium, you can always check the central plazas of the towns where you are residing. Football fans gather here with every occasion to see the game on giant screens. Also, if their favorite team wins, you will witness a full street party with food, drinks, and beautiful girls.

The Parc des Princes Stadium

One of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world is The Parc des Princes from Paris. It is well worth it to save some money and see a match in this arena at least once in your lifetime. The atmosphere in the stands is fantastic, and the show on the pitch is spectacular. Bring a sexy escort with you to savor a great football game together just before a romantic dinner in the city of lights.

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